What is a Shredding Event?

Action Shred offers shredding events sponsored by businesses, organizations and cities throughout the DFW metroplex and North Texas. Our mobile shredding truck will render documents beyond reconstruction. Action Shred then takes the materials to a recycling facility. Participants can even watch shredding process while they wait!

Items to Shred

It’s best to shred documents no longer in use that include personal data such as name, address, phone number, social security number or credit card number. Shred these kinds of documents before recycling:

  • Invoices
  • Bank Statements
  • Canceled Checks
  • Profit & Loss Statements
  • Leases
  • Credit card statements and receipts
  • Capital Stock Ledgers
  • Computer Printouts
  • Balance Sheets
  • Reconciliations
  • Claims and Litigation Records
  • Credit Reports
  • Pre-approved Credit Card Applications
  • Medical Records
  • Draft Copies of Letters
  • Drug Screens
  • Old Tax Returns
  • Cash Books
  • Financial Statements
  • Correspondence
  • Personal Documents with your name, address or other identifying data
  • Contracts
  • Personnel Records
  • Licenses
  • Memos & Legal Briefs
  • Prescriptions
  • Insurance Records

Limits & Restrictions

We cannot accept shred material that contains:

  • Plastic bags or baggies
  • Trash
  • Metal such as metal clips, fasteners, binders, and binder clips (staples and paper clips are acceptable)
  • Cell phones
  • Stacks of magazines, newspapers or household cardboard such as cereal boxes
  • Batteries
  • Previously shredded material
  • X-rays
  • Cardboard, including check book boxes
  • Hard covers – cardboard or plastic covers on items such as ledger books, marble composition books and hard-cover books

Properly destroying documents containing personal or confidential data is a serious business. Thieves often look through unsuspecting victims’ trash in search of discarded documents. People whose identities have been stolen can spend months or years trying to clear their names and restore their credit record. One of the most important things you can do is to shred any personal documents you wish to discard.

Avoid collecting piles of materials until you are able to attend shredding event. Instead, set up a monthly or quarterly shredding program. Use Action Shred, where you can personally watch the destruction of all confidential items.

Action Shred’s shredding events offer these benefits to participants:

  • Witness the destruction of confidential documents
  • No limit on weight or number of items to bring at one time
  • Quick turn-around. Our large industrial shredder can shred several thousand pounds of paper per hour
  • No waiting in long lines only to find out that when your turn comes, the truck is full!

Click here for the latest shredding event schedule or call 214-352-0113 to find out how you can sponsor a shredding event.

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