Green Tips

Action Shred’s Green Tips provide ideas about the many things each of us can do to reduce our environmental impacts.

Green Tip: Winter Office Heating

During the winter, run the heating a little less. Set the office temperature to no higher than 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This act alone will save most offices hundreds of dollars during the cold winter months. Why burn up inside and instantly freeze when you walk out the door? With these thermostat settings, people can dress

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Green Tip: Buy Everyone a Mug

If your business has a coffee maker or water cooler, give each employee the gift of a ceramic, reusable mug with the company logo imprinted on it. It’s an act of good will, and it will save you a fortune on those nasty Styrofoam cups. Give the extra mugs to clients and visitors to use

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Green Tip: Less Bottled Water

Bottled water costs two-to-three times as much as gasoline. Americans spend more than $8 billion a year on bottled water—and generate over 1.5 million tons of plastic that will not break down in landfills for tens of thousands of years. Replace your office bottled water with a water filter. A water filter costs only pennies

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Green Tip: Energy Star

Replace the office refrigerator, microwave—and all your equipment—with energy-efficient models. Newer ENERGY STAR qualified appliances use up to 40% less energy than older versions. These products use less energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and overall energy costs. Look for star ratings on fax machines, copiers, printers and everything you use. o replace existing office

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Green Tip: Download Your Software

Many software programs come on a compact disc, and more than thirty billion compact discs of all types are sold annually. That’s a huge amount of waste, not to mention the associated packaging. To reduce waste, consider software downloads. Another bonus to downloading your software is that it’s often available for download at a later

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