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Commercial & Residential Paper Shredding

Action Shred provides the ultimate one-stop shop for cost effective document and product shredding services for businesses, large and small, as well as residential shredding services.

Our shredding services include:

  • Document shredding
  • Hard drive destruction
  • Product destruction
  • Off-site, On-site and Mobile shredding services
  • Purge service
  • Regularly scheduled vs. one-time service
  • Free collection containers
  • On-site shredding events

Secure and Sustainable Outcomes

Action Shred is the clear choice for businesses and individuals wanting to destroy their confidential information. As a trusted NAID AAA certified shredding partner in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we are committed to best practices that consistently deliver secure and sustainable outcomes for all our destruction service options.

Paper Shredding

Commercial and residential paper shredding—whether a one-time clean out or ongoing service—is our core business. We have trusted solutions for any type of customer, both onsite service at your location or offsite service at our certified secure facility.

Media destruction

Destroying information stored on hard drives, data tapes, discs and other computer media is critical to safeguard company and client privacy. Our facility-based equipment allows us to destroy large volumes of computer media at one time and our mobile shredding trucks provide onsite hard drive destruction at your location.

Product destruction

Proper end-of-use destruction for non-standard material such as corporate products, manufacturer over-runs, recalled goods and other outdated items is essential to protect the integrity of your company name. Action Shred has become the industry leader by investing in cutting edge equipment designed to destroy most proprietary branded products.

Destruction Service Options

Off-Site vs On-Site

Secure Bins


One-Time Purge

Commercial Document/Paper Shredding Services

Action Shred offers on-site and off-site options for one-time or ongoing document/paper shredding services. We have become the trusted partner of choice for thousands of companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for cost-effective, compliant data destruction.

Commercial document/paper shredding services are vital for your business’ security. Businesses today, large and small, are faced with more regulatory and privacy disposal requirements than ever before. When it comes to written policies and procedures that insure the protection of confidential information, compliance is no longer optional but essential. As information breaches continue to make news headlines, companies who previously ignored implementing document disposal policies are now vulnerable to severe penalties and damage to their public image.

Action Shred of Texas has a stellar track record of providing secure, end to end document/paper shredding solutions for clients in the north Texas region since 2003. Our service menu of certified shredding options can be tailored to meet the needs of any sized business for any sized shredding job.

To gain peace of mind, eliminate staff shredding time, and reduce document privacy violations, contact Action Shred today

Residential Shredding Services in Dallas/Fort Worth

Identity theft has become an alarming trend for everyone concerned about keeping their personal information from falling into the wrong hands. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that over 10 million people each year are victims of identity theft with Texas consistently ranking in the top 10 states for complaints.

With so much of our personal information entrusted to financial institutions, credit card companies, insurance agencies, hospitals, professional offices and the list goes on and on, consumers are looking for every possible way to safeguard personal identifying paper documents from malicious use.

Action Shred will send a truck right to the front door of your residence to destroy sensitive records that you don’t want exposed to the general public. Whether you have a box, bag or file cabinet with personal documents, we will shred them securely and conveniently providing you a Certificate of Destruction from the service.

  • Certified onsite mobile or facility-based shredding available
  • Trained, uniformed shredding techs move the documents from your residence to our truck
  • State of the art shredding equipment reduces your documents to confetti sized fragments
  • GPS truck tracking monitors the transportation of your documents to our facility
  • Certificate of Destruction provided for your files after the job is complete
  • All of your shredded documents are recycled to be environmentally responsible

Contact an Action Shred expert today to discuss your residential document/paper shredding needs

How does it work?

Get started in 3 easy steps


On-Site or Off-Site

Do you prefer on-site shredding with a mobile truck or off-site shredding at our secure facility? 


Quantity & Frequency

How much and how often do you need to shred: Only enough for a one-time records purge? Or ongoing service with a shredding schedule? 


Shredding Plan

Contact an Action Shred expert who will customize a shredding plan for your needs that is convenient, secure and cost-effective.

Commercial Document/Paper Shredding Services

Action Shred program options include one time or as needed purge services and scheduled, recurring services with content security containers provided at no charge.

Located in Dallas, Action Shred of Texas provides service footprint includes most of the north Texas area including the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex:

  • Dallas, Tx
  • Fort Worth, Tx
  • Plano, Tx
  • Richardson, Tx
  • Frisco, Tx
  • Garland, Tx
  • Mesquite, Tx
  • Arlington, Tx
  • Irving, Tx
  • Grand Prairie, Tx
  • North Richland Hills, Tx
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