Product Destruction Services

Our product destruction services are a ready-made solution for customers needing to destroy non-standard material. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we can destroy a variety of material from clothing and leather goods to metal items and plastic. Corporately branded promotional products are common destruction products we can manage.

Apparel destruction is a growing service for companies who want to be sure their retired uniforms are properly destroyed. Manufacturer overruns, damaged or recalled goods, plastic, metal and a variety of other materials are all within our service scope.

Action Shred product destruction is a turn-key solution which includes a Certificate of Destruction.

Product Destruction Services in Dallas

Protecting your company brand and reputation goes beyond shredding confidential documents. It should include any proprietary items that are identifiable with your logo and name.

Building brand recognition that customers both rely on and trust is critical in a competitive business market. With the effort and cost that goes into the unique identification of your company, it only makes sense to partner with a vendor that can manage the destruction process of your outdated products from start to finish.

Action Shred offers creative solutions for destroying proprietary items. We have the tools, resources and expertise to destroy a variety of non-standard materials. From uniforms to security badges, prototypes to recalls, our proven product destruction services eliminate the risk of your items being sold on the secondary market.

Contact an Action Shred representative today to get a customized plan for your product destruction service.

Product destruction
Product destruction

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Dallas Product Destruction Capabilities

Our product destruction capabilities cover a variety of materials.

Cutting-edge equipment makes the destruction of your proprietary items a reality by eliminating the risk of those items ever being used again.

Keeping products that may be outdated or obsolete is both a liability and a poor use of valuable space at a cost that does not make sense for “end of use” items. Action Shred of Texas provides reliable product destruction in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex for companies interested in protecting their brand image.

With state-of-the-art industrial equipment, we can create a plan for many plastic, metal and other non-standard materials that most Paper Shredding cannot manage.   

Projects such as the ones listed below are within our scope of work to perform:

  • Recalled merchandise
  • Textile goods
  • Damaged goods in transit
  • Safety-tagged material
  • Outdated promotional items
  • Off-spec products
  • Manufacturer overruns
  • Counterfeit products
  • Defective inventory
Product destruction
Product destruction
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