Paper Shredding Commercial & Residential

Businesses today are faced with more regulatory and privacy data requirements than ever before. Improperly disposed of company or personal documents can expose the most sensitive data to corporate breaches and stolen identity. Action Shred of Texas employs a trained staff of document security specialists that can be scheduled to provide certified shredding directly at your office or residence. 

On-site or Off-site Service Options

Action Shred offers on-site shredding in a mobile truck at the customer location or off-site shredding at our certified facility. Program options include one-time or ongoing paper shredding services. A Certificate of Destruction is provided for both.


For clients who require a visual confirmation that their documents have been destroyed, our mobile on-site shredding option is the preferred choice for commercial and residential customers.

A purpose-built, mobile truck will shred your confidential documents while you watch curbside in front of your office or home providing total assurance those records can never be retrieved again.


Our NAID AAA endorsement for facility-based destruction offers a second certified option for our customers.

This beginning to end trusted process includes the pick-up, transportation, shredding and recycling phases of our service.

All off-site shredding is performed under camera in our restricted access building by authorized Action Shred employees.

One-Time Purge

On call, as-needed document cleanouts are a frequent onsite or offsite service we provide for our customers.

Whether you have a few boxes in an office closet, a few hundred in a storage facility or a few thousand at your warehouse, Action Shred of Texas has the experience, equipment and staff to manage your purge service.

We provide simple, turn-key solutions from the smallest to the largest projects, all done with the same commitment to our reliable best set practices.


An ongoing, certified shredding program provided at your office is the best policy to safeguard your confidential information.

This customized service includes secure containers, a regular schedule based on your needs and active customer service support.

Whether a small office or a corporate location, this peace of mind service allows you partner with a trusted vendor whose core expertise is document destruction.

Contact an Action Shred expert today to discuss your document/paper shredding needs

How Does On-Site Mobile Shredding Work?

We offer customized shredding programs that are reasonably priced and will insure you are managing your confidential documents to meet current compliance and HIPAA guidelines.

An Action Shred tech comes to your location to collect your documents. We transport your materials via locked containers to Action Shred’s mobile shredding truck, which is locked and secured.

You can actually witness the shredding at your location confirming your documents have been completely destroyed. A video monitor on the side of the truck allows you to view the shredding compartment where the paper is cut into indiscernible fragments.

Mobile Shredding Services include:

  • Employee data
  • Company reports
  • Financial statements
  • Medical records
  • Credit card information
  • Patient X-rays
  • Client documents
  • . . . and so much more

Mobile document/paper shredding is perfect for companies that regularly deal with confidential information including:

  • Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • CPAs
  • Dentists
  • Escrow companies
  • Hospitals
  • Medical practices
  • Manufacturers
  • Realtors
  • Title companies

How Does Off-Site Pick Up Shredding Work?

Action Shred’s cutting edge off-site shredding equipment allows us to destroy up to 5,000 pounds of documents an hour at our certified facility. This cost-effective option offers door-to-door chain of custody ensuring your documents are managed with the utmost care.

Action Shred travels to your location to pick-up the material to be shredded. A certified Action Shred tech transports your confidential materials in our secure truck directly to Action Shred’s plant. This facility is locked, clean and well-maintained, with 24-hour camera surveillance. Our state-of-the-art shredder promptly destroys your items.

Prior to pick-up, you can store your materials in your own containers or Action Shred can provide containers at no additional charge. All containers stay locked to secure the material inside, until they reach our facility.

After your material is shredded we send you a certificate of destruction. This is our most efficient and cost-effective shredding solution. If desired, you are welcome to visit our location and witness the destruction of your materials.

Off-site Shredding is the most cost-effective choice for many companies

Off-site shredding is done with an unwavering commitment to our best set security practices to make sure your documents are secure from pick-up to destruction. A Certificate of Destruction is provided for this certified service option for your records.

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